KNX Glass Switch Themostat

The Inwall Glass Thermostat GT00A03KNX is an EIB/KNX wall mounting device designed for HVAC applications in Home and Building installations (i.e. offices, hospitals, hotels, private houses, etc..).

The Glass on the front side displays the following information:

  • Actual temperature in °C
  • Actual setpoint
  • Fan coil speed
  • HVAC mode status
  • Heating and cooling status
  • Status of controlled heating / cooling equipments

Control elements available on the front are:

  • A capacitve button to increase the temperature setpoint
  • A capacitive button to decrease the temperature setpoint
  • 1 capacitive button to set the HVAC mode
  • 1 capacitve button to set heating or cooling mode

The device configuration for commissioning in terms of physical address, group addresses and parameters is done with ETS ( Engineering Tool Software) through a download of the Application Program.

GT00A03KNX is intended to be used in rectangular 3 module box mounted in vertical.

Device is equipped with KNX communication interface.



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